Baby Rice Cookie
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Baby rice cookie
Angma Kkakka

  • Quantity: 20g
  • Country of origin: Korea
  • Baby rice cookies that are made withdomestic eco-friendly rice.
  • These are healthy rice cookies that use 100% rice used in making rice cakes, without addingsalt.
  • The rice cookies have been producedwithout the natural seasonings provided by Cheon Yeon Da A, instead using just the natural ingredients of dried anchovy powder, organic shiitake mushroom powder, shrimp powder, kelp powder and pesticide-free king oyster mushroom powder. Also it has been made into a bite size for babiesto eat by using a vacuum stir-fry machine instead of frying or baking.
Baby rice cookie
Baby Rice Cookie
1. Angma Kkakka Rice Cookie (domestic)
2. Angma Kkakkadried anchovy rice cookie (domestic)
3. Angma Kkakkashrimp rice cookie (domestic)
4. Angma Kkakkakelp rice cookie (domestic)
5. Angma Kkakkaorganic shiitake mushroom rice cookie (domestic)
6. Angma Kkakkapesticide-free king oyster mushroom rice cookie (domestic)