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Make a healthy lifestyle
with the natural seasoning spices

from Cheon Yeon Dam A.

Thank you for visiting Cheon Yeon Dam A.

When my baby started to reject eating food that was not seasoned, so we tried feeding him different kinds of food including
store-bought baby formula or even take-out foods that adults eat. However, this resulted in the baby suffering through primary stages of atopic syndrome and food poisoning.

Hence, I started giving more thoughts to what the baby was fed. This resulted not only in the baby eating well, but also changing how we, the parents, eat as well. As a Japanese cuisine chef for ten years, I also, unwillingly, got used to the flavor of MSG. Therefore, while it was difficult at first to create food using only natural spices, due to much research showing the negative effects of MSG on the brain and physical growth of people, I became much more interested in creating safe food with no health risks.

I was aware that natural spices were healthy but when I started cooking using natural spices, contrary to my great expectations the food tasted just a little off, as we were all used to food made with MSG.
But I realized you can soon experience a drastic change of feeling healthier and taste the freshness Mother Nature. Since my baby and my family also eat the food I make using natural resources, the one part I took great focus in was using top-quality ingredients.
However, it was difficult to make delicious food using good resources while offering a reasonable price, as the cost was high and the margin for profit was little. Therefore, after great consideration, I released Cheon Yeon Dam A and created new natural spices to spread my original goal and mission. With determination, I promised myself.

In a time where it's difficult to eat food without worrying about the quality or health risks, we, the Cheon Yeon Dam A, will use the best and freshest natural resources for all of the food we create.
With resources such as the shiitake mushroom that has an organic certification and other natural spices,we have used the best natural products (not just using spices for the creation of the base of the soup) without preservatives of any kind.
Therefore, we hope you relax, trust and enjoy our food.

From Cheon Yeon Dam A, the parents of Juho